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It's Not Too Late

The earth has cancer

We can't let grow

And I've got the answer

But don't we all know

We need to get together

To live as one

Share the earth forever

With the energy of the sun

And it's not too late

But we must start now

If not our fate

You will allow

So please understand

We have to stop the hate

And live in a land

Loving your fellow mate

Where pollution is no more

And hunger does not exist

Cause population had a law

Enabling all of this

And it's not too late

But we must start now

If not our fate

You will allow

So wake up to all the wrong

And see the light

Don't let the manipulating strong

Take away what's right

Cause their foresight is blind

In living for today

Their contracts were signed

With no need for delay



You And Yours Are Fine


We're living in confused times

We're on that fine line

We're hanging by a thread

Always increasing crime

But you and yours are fine

Still struggling to stay ahead

The competitions rough

But your hard nosed and tough

Yet you sink like lead

You don't know what to do

They've gotten the best of you

Believing the lies you've read



Terminal Trend


The plot is thickening

The stage is set

A rude awakening

Is a safe bet

Cause the time has come

When chaos must end

And realize that some

Are selling a terminal trend

Who don't give a sh t

Or a care for tomorrow

As long they hit

Home with no sorrow



Just Infants Being Bold


Just 100 years ago

We were still on horses

Little did we know

The industrial age losses

Would wipe us out

Cause we could not control

No technological doubt

Just infants being bold



Despair And Strange


Dreams that I have

In hope of change

Reality that I know

Is despair and strange

Eats at my inside

With time running out

No place to hide

I no longer doubt



Without Detection


Our words are drowned

By lies and deception

Our dreams are grounded

Without detection

Censored news

No right to choose

Programmed well

With their hard sell



The Truth Bought And Sold


How much are they hiding

How much don't you know

Don't take for granted their abiding

Cover ups seldom show

Cause money changes views

The truth bought and sold

So me and you always lose

Just accepting what's being told

Well I've heard enough lies

Political promises never materialize

Filthy greed cleverly tries

Power struggles to want more size



Can't Get By


Like a rollercoaster

In the first car

It feels the best

So where do you go

From there

When you see the end

Before the rest



Given A Paradise


Given a paradise

That's ours to run

So whatever happens

It's what we've done



Rests Forever


We have all we need

In order to evolve

But if we're going to succeed

Dire problems we must solve

So face this reality

Our choice is here and now

The key to our mortality

Rests forever with our decision how



Our Backs Are To The Wall


You think it's lies

But it's the truth

There's no disguise

Were living proof

So realize now

How bad its got

And understand how

There's still a shot

To save the earth

From the modern way

That strips its worth

Only concerned with today

The change must come

From you and me

Stop living on the run

And then you'll see

The pace we've kept

Would kill us all

And already we've slept

Our backs are to the wall



We're Out Of Touch


We take for granted

All too much

Our news is slanted

We're out of touch

Bred to compete

For the almighty dollar

A sucker to beat

They're born every hour



Ignorant Innocence


Pollute the water

Pollute the air

Shoot the mortar

Cause it's there

Radiation leaking

You don't know

Nerve gas seeping

Let it flow

A million a minute

But you want more

To make killing arms

To die in a war

Ignorant innocence

Blind ambition

You've lost your way

Final submission

Rape the earth

Suck the blood

Take the worth

Lick the mud

If it ain't nailed down

They'll take it

They found the hammer

And did



To One Of Love


Optimism we need

Instead of the greed

Hope is the seed

If we want to lead

This world of chaos

To one of love



Emptiness Anxiety Runs


We hold the key

Within ourselves

To open and see

The path that tells

Which road to walk

To find our peace

Unplug the cork

Let conformed realities cease

Scared of the unknown

Or never thought to try

Material possession grown

Leaves you wondering why

Contentment rarely comes

Or worries never go

Emptiness anxiety runs

Until its let go



Why Are We Here


Why are we here

What is it all about

Each day there's a new fear

Always living in doubt

Cause tomorrow may not come

And today may be the end

Through the selfishness of some

Who will break before they bend

And day after day

We let it go by

Living it their way

Too lazy to try

While deep down you know

It's going from bad to worse

As the mounting problems grow

Like a balloon ready to burst

So don't hide what you feel

Cause this is the last call

And I'm telling you for real

Together we can avoid the fall

And make a new world

The way it should be

One government for all

United and free

To carry on forever

In tune with nature

Knowing that together

We can make it real



Listen To Reason


How long are you going to take it

How can you just sit back

How long are you going to fake it

Before you get on the right track

We're living real high

We're stripping the land

I don't know why

We let it get out of hand

So take a realistic view

You'll see it can't go on

We need an optimistic new

Or certain death from the great con

Survival is the basic instinct

Yet we're burning out so fast

Suicide will make us extinct

The raping of nature won't last

So how long are you going to be fooled

By the great con being played

How long are you going to be ruled

Blinded by the money you're being paid

Listen to reason

I beg of you

The final treason

Is up to you

Listen to reason

I beg of you

The final treason

Is up to you



The Dreamers Are Dreaming


The preachers are preaching

It's almost the end

The dreamers are dreaming

Of a planet earth when

The masses aren't apathetic

Drugged just getting by

The situations pathetic

So why give it a try



Guilty Of Apathy


The situation is useless

We hold no hope

Our ways can't be changed

We're at the end of our rope

This way of thinking

Is where the problem lies

Negative attitudes are sinking

Too afraid to try

We fear our destruction

Yet guilty of apathy

Free will our instruction

While time dwindles rapidly



What You Already Knew


The signs are all over

But you choose to ignore them

Can't face up to reality

Scared of the day when

Our greed catches up

And there's no avoiding

Cause we're self destructing

And not even caring

What I'm saying is

We've got the choice

What I'm hoping is

You hear my voice

And become aware

Before it's too late

We all must care

Cause it's all our fate

There's only one way

We'll make it through

You got to realize today

What you already knew



At Tomorrow's Expense


Open your eyes

And see where you are blind

We're ruining the earth

And all of mankind

Control population

And turn to the sun

Love your fellow man

And throw away the gun

Stop the pollution

Before it's too late

Feed the hungry

Before they learn to hate

Living for today

At tomorrow's expense

Letting them rule us

Like we had no sense

We got to get together

And change the world



Drug Us All


Drugs here

Drugs there

There's always something

To rid your care

It never stops

It's always there

A constant crutch

From the burden you share

Keep us down

Drug us all

Not a sound

Until the fall

F ck it all

Cause you don't care

You've given up

You've dropped your share

Sold out to drugs

Your everyday fix

Easing your mind

Of the everyday tricks



Together To Better


You can sit back

And let it go on

Take a kick back

And fall for the con

Look the other way

Hear but don't listen

All I'm trying to say

Is common sense is missing

How can we let

Ourselves be fooled

Why don't we get

Our energies pooled

Together to better

And stop being ruled

By corrupt politicians

Leading us down

Lose your inhibitions

And gather around

For unity is strength

And strength we need

To shorten the length

Between poverty and greed

To stop the pollution

And worldwide hunger

There's an easy solution

That you've sometimes wondered

If we all get together

Throughout the world

We could live forever

The way you know it should be



Words Of Warning


You wake up each morning

With only bad news to hear

So I write you these words of warning

To let you know of my fear

We're letting it get out of control

We're losing our grip

We're selling our very soul

We're aboard a sinking ship



Realize Now Or We're Done


We're using our advances wrong

We destroy but not grow

We're not going to be around very long

If we don't change the show

Cause this is all our earth

So we must live as one

And not strip its worth

So realize now or we're done



Sometimes I Wish


Sometimes I wish

I didn't know what I knew

Sometimes I wish

I didn't care but I do

And it hurts to see

The apathy around

Everybody out for me

Well I think we're bound

For self destruction

Unless there's to be found

The logical deduction

Of caring now

For preservation but

I don't see how

With the road were choosing



Industrialed Ruin


Industrialed ruin

Is where we're headed

Industrailed ruin

With workers imbedded

Industrialed ruin

Our paradise lost

Industrialed ruin

We'll pay the cost

Industrialed ruin

You don't care

Industrialed ruin

We're almost there

Industrialed ruin

Live for today

Industrialed ruin

Blinded to the way

It was meant to be



Which Road To Walk


We're on the threshold

We're at the fork

We're at the point

Which road to walk

Destiny is ours

In what we choose

Everything rides

It's either win or lose

The stakes are high

It's the last chance

To either live or die

It's in our hands

The change we need

Is plain to see

No more greed

And then we'll be

Working together

For the future

Rest assured

We carry on



Impossible Odds


Impossible odds

Is what we're facing

A world of hate

Till the end we're racing

Building our weapons

When people are starving

Fighting over our paradise

When only harmony will save us



Raping The Earth And Selling The Shares


We can talk about it

And talk about it

But who really gives a sh t

We can scream about it

We can yell about it

But still they won't quit

Stealing what they think is theirs

Raping the earth and selling the shares

And everyday I ask but no one cares

Conditioned in their way it just ain't fair



So Little We Know


So little we know

But we don't care

Let ignorance grow

And leave us bare



Living Beyond Our Means


Living beyond our means

Busting at our seams

Yet still we want more

Playing do or die

The excitement of the try

Will soon kill us for sure



Poetic Insight


Poetic insight

Easily ignored

Nuclear madness

Taxed and adored

Apathetic extinction

Terminal trend

Survival instinction

Preservation's end



Try And Bring A Halt


We've advanced so far

In too few years

The masses in a jar

Not knowing the fears

They're playing with fire

Like babies with a match

Always shooting for higher

When they don't know the catch

We've got to slow down

And play it safe

Put our feet on the ground

Before it's too late

One button and it's gone

No time to blink

They couldn't back down

No time to think

We let it go on

It's all our fault

Look the other way

Or try and bring a halt



A Reason To Believe


Don't you see

Or are you blind

The end is near

But you can't find

A reason to believe

A word I say

Cause you've been deceived

In the worst way

Surpressed to do

What they want you to



Scared Of The Truth


Most of us know

Our civilization could end

But not many show

Any concern to lend

Scared of the truth

You don't want to believe

Cornered in your booth

It's only yourself you deceive

Let's fight for survival

While there's still a chance

Only a worldwide revival

Peaceably showing our stance

Could lead us away

From the certain destruction

The rulers of today

Are killing us by corruption



Thank For What Is Ours


I drove down to the ocean

That cold and windy night

I walked along the beach

Until it was nearly light

I thought about so much

Watching the waves and stars

I just wanted to reach out and touch

And thank for what is ours



So Much To Gain


So much to gain

So much to lose

Evolution in vain

You've got to choose



Share Its Beauty


We waste so much

We let it go by

We're so out of touch

Cause we don't even try

To live in this world

And share its beauty

Or look for the future

Perpetuation is our duty

Realize it or don't want to

But it's only getting worse

And the longer you ignore it



No Wrong Or Right


Right wrong

Wrong right

My fault

Your Fault

Blinded by sight

There is no answer

No right or wrong


Be here now

Be your best

Resonate love



Up To Us


The Illusions we choose

Are up to us

The dreams we lose

We never did trust



The Sustainable Limits Have Past


Too ingrained to change

The sustainable limits have past

Time for order to rearrange

Checks and balances brutally fast



Somehow Succeed


Are we scared

Because we don't know

Are we paired

So conflict will grow

Are we bred

To learn to conform

Are we led

To kill and mourn

Will life cease

Because of greed

Or will peace

Somehow succeed

It's up to you

It's up to me

To change ourselves

To somehow see



Wanting Another Try


We've got the choice

And I think it's time

To show our voice

Cause it's such a crime

Living and knowing

Of all the wrong

Yet never even showing

What we feel so strong

So let's not sit back

And just let it go by

Cause we're on the wrong track

Headed for an early good-bye

So get up an say

That we need a switch

We want a new way

We want it real quick

They're ruining it all

They're ruining it fast

Making me hope each day

That it won't be my last

With their pollution and guns

And their greed and neglect

Nuclear power when we have the sun

And all their drugs to keep us wrecked

Don't you see through it

They're just out for today

They couldn't give a sh t

About doing it the right way

So let's not sit back

And just let it go by

Finally realizing too late

And wanting another try



Childhood Adulthood


Childhood fun

Innocent smiling

Adulthood run

Competitive lying



Apple Pie And Chevrolet


Brought up to believe

That we are right

Apple pie and Chevrolet

And wars are to fight

Only to realize

How much is wrong

How so few surpress

The many so strong



The Black Hole In Space


Reality seems to be escaping

Through the black hole in space

Getting lost in a sea of confusion

Walking around with the human race



Imprisoned In Strife


Addicted to this

Addicted to that

Building the bridges

With the bricks you subtract

All out of focus

You live your lives

Them feeding you nonsense

And imprisoned in strife



Destruction's Doorstep


Bad to worse

It will only get

Destruction's doorstep

If the population we let



Raw Beauty Nature


Windy spring day

New life all around

Golden sun ray

Is lost and found

Raw beauty nature

You always astound

Swaying trees moving clouds

Birds chirping their glorious sound



The Greatest Of Ease


The words use to come together

With the greatest of ease

I thought it would last forever

Until one day when the pen in my hand did freeze

Not a clever phrase it would write

I did not know what was wrong

Emptiness and anguish I was not whole

Bitterness and self doubt took their toll

Now three years have past

But during my drought I've asked

Friends and strangers for answers

It's just a phase it won't last

My poems were to awaken all humankind

To open our souls and help us find

A new understanding while there's still time

For our raping of nature is the last crime



Everything That Is
Venice Beach California


Sunset with the waves

Rhythmically Pounding

Motionless absorbing

Everything that is



Still Innocent


The laughter and joy

The pain and sorrow

The still innocent little boy

Learning how to hate for tomorrow



Perplexed In The Riddle


Knowing too much

But able to do so little

Suspended on a crutch

Perplexed in the riddle

Don't know the right road

But I know we're on the wrong road

Oh I feel a heavy load

To stop the truth that's been sold

Apathy in a stalemate

Killing on a corner

The powers that teach to hate

The words I write to warn ya



For Patti


I'm home from the Ritz

And still thinking of you

Whether it's lust or kicks

I only wish I knew

But I love the feeling

And have to see you again

Cause the attraction your dealing

Makes me want a winning hand

From your purple clothes

To your three earring ear lobe

And your deep golden skin

You've caught my eye

And something keeps telling me

Not to let you slip by

So I'm writing these words

To grab your attention

Tell you of my feelings

To convey my affection





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"When the aimless blade of science slashed the pearly gates"

From Thrasher By Neil Young



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